Our Mission

We work tirelessly to help You or your Business in Sardinia or Italy

Buy a Property

Do you need a consultant to advise you to buy property overseas? We are here to help and advise.

Solid Law Practice

Qualified, prompt and efficient Italian Speaking Lawyers.
We offer highest standards services, at fair rates.

Commercial and Economic Law

Drafting Contracts, Translating Documents, taking care of all your relationship with Italian regulators is our bread and butter.

How we operate for you

This is how we manage to get in touch and operate for you and your company, and get your results.

Get in touch by mail or phone

Contact Us via email or phone and give us all your details, so we can set a free video call.

Free personal consultation

During a video or phone call we can listen to your need and provide our advise and path to get your work done.

Starting your case

Once you agree our terms we can start working on your case. You can start receiving our reports and advice regularly.

What happens next?

We file all your documents and build your success case, following religiously all our best legal practices, reporting all our steps to you through frequent reports and phone calls. So you can keep track of all your case

Going through the verdict

When you come into contact with a law firm, one of the most difficult moments to manage is precisely that of communicating the several changes that your practice goes through in the various stages before obtaining the judgment of a court, of any different legal field. The Lawfirm Sardinia follows you, and notifies you day by day about the evolution of your practice through our internal CRM systems, the phone, or by Personal contact if you prefer. You’ll never walk alone.

We are the best criminal defence Law firm in Italy.

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for you case, do not hesitate and write Us an email.

Areas of expertise

The multiple skills and specializations of the firm allow a more rapid, efficient and conscious solution of the problems posed by the client.

Real Estates, Properties and Tenancies

We provide advice on transaction, environmental, planning, funding and completion. Save money with Tax Advice.

International Divorce

Get Advice for international divorce, international family law and child custody. Questions concerning your personal situation? Please email us giving full details.

Italian Commercial and Economic Law

We assist foreign companies to establish a business in Italy, including legal advice, drafting contracts and practical assistance for incorporation.

Debt Recovery

We offer extrajudicial and judicial assistance in Italy and worldwide for the collection of commercial credits which result from exportation, goods and services supplies, etc.

Family Law and Succession

We can help you with drafting testaments, settling and distribution of the estate, asset and planning, (including generational succession), establishing trusts, etc.

Civil Liability

We also assist individuals, companies or associations, in all disputes related to civil liability, and in the compensation of damages caused by third parties.


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